The BHAWS maintains and enriches highly engaged, vibrant community and benefactors.

-Community Contribution

-Individual Benefactor


-Executive Committee

-BHAWS Charter




Responsibilities of the Member of BHAWS:

Þ Respect and obey the rules and regulations of BHAWS

Þ Accept the decision which will be taken by the majority votes of BHAWS

Þ Show your best cordial cooperation to BHAWS in any circumstances

Þ Encourage other students or batch mates of B Homes to join the BHAWS.

Þ After completing the registration, a member will contribute a minimum amount in each month.

Þ A member can contribute the amount in yearly or in half yearly or quarterly

Þ If the member contributes regularly then her determination will be highly appreciated by giving reward.

Þ Based on the contribution of each member , she will get reward in the yearly general meeting.

Þ Some special point or grade will be generated for the highest contribution member , for top ten contribution members, 

for member of highest consistency ( 5years/10 years /more )

Þ Membership will be activated by giving their contribution regularly in each year.