Membership Procedure: 


A member must be a former student of Bharateswari Homes

A member must be completed minimum 1 year of education in Bharateswari Homes.

A member might have completed her SSC or HSC or both.

For being part of the BHOSWS ,you must fill up the Member Registration Form.

Before filling up the form, you are requested to send TK 500 to our Bkash account [ 01305081184( Bkash ) ]

After sending the registration fee you are requested to send SMS the transaction number,Bkash number and Name

This transaction number of yours is mandatory to fill up Member Registration Form.

After completing the registration you will receive a confirmation text from BHAWS within 72 hours.

Therefore, in that SMS or email you will get your Membership ID which is essential as a member of BHOSWS.

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